spoon from curly maple 

bottle opener from mesquite #1 

bottle opener from mesquite #2 

headboard from shoestring acacia 


not safe for the kids/ugly
old railing in our house: not safe for the kids/ugly

wall - pine, oak, drywall 

draped a church for holy week 



compost tumbler 

workbench from pine & birch 

hexagonal birdhouse from oak 

birdhouse from oak 

painted wall pieces from mesquite 





collaboration w/ Steve Juras
Agnes Martin Stickers: collaboration w/ Steve Juras



coat hanger from maple 

concrete coffee table attempt #1 



concrete coffee table attempt #2 



floating shelves from mesquite 



meditation stool (mesquite & fir) 


bathroom mirror frame from oak 


console table from acacia  


floating shelf from mesquite 

floating shelf from mesquite